Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Save The Storks?
We do not represent Save The Storks, nor do we have any official affiliation with them, but we do have a great relationship with their organization. We love their mission, and how they approach the pro-life conversation, so we raise funds to benefit Save The Storks.

How do you benefit from these baby showers and fund raisers?
Our exclusive benefit is the satisfaction of helping to raise awareness and funds for Save The Storks. Our time and efforts are 100% volunteered and we receive no financial compensation or consideration in any form from Save The Storks or any donors.

Who pays for the shower/fundraiser costs?
We (our participating group of family and friends) pays the costs for these events out of our own pockets.

How soon can we host an event?
In order to get print materials made up, and for your group to get the word out, we need at least one month.

How can I donate to your group?
As our exclusive goal is to raise funds for Save The Storks, we do not receive any financial donations. However, we would love to gain more partners in putting on these events. If you would like to provide decorations, supplies, food, or other goods, we would welcome the help. Keep in mind, as we are not a registered charitable organization, we cannot provide charitable contribution receipts.

Why not focus exclusively on your home area?
Abortion is a worldwide problem and there are hot spots around the U.S. where abortions per capita are extremely high. Our goal is to get the Stork Buses that are nearing completion past the final phase of fundraising and into service. A child in the northeastern U.S. is just as precious as one in the southwest and our urgent mission is to save as many as we can, as quickly as we can.

What does Stork Shower mean?
We hold a baby shower-themed event to benefit Save The Storks. So, we call it a Stork Shower.

Have questions or want to get involved?
We would love to chat over the phone or on Zoom. Please contact us using the form below.